There are six season in West Bengal of India. These are summer, rainy season, autumn, late autumn, winter and spring. Among all these seasons I most like spring.
All seasons have their special feature and usefulness. Summer come first of year. During that season weather are very hot. In the rainy season we get abundant rain. Rain disappear and the sky looks blue in the autumn .inter is the season of cold. But the spring appears with beautiful flowers and pleasant weather. It last for two month. In this season there is neither hot nor cold weather. It is known as the season of flowers. Fresh air blows with the fragrance of flowers. Cuckoo fills the atmosphere with its sweet music. For its climate and flower the season is aptly called ‘the king of season’

But in spring season I enjoy all beauties provided by nature during that short span of time. So, I love this season very much and think that it is my favourite season. 

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